Dreamy Diary!
Kuantan I Coming , !
Kuantan I coming , juz about 2 days more be4 I go home , felt very happy beb , da lme d0k kamp0ng nie , so bored , I don't kn0w what I wanna 2 do here ? I'm juz 0n9 n layan my blog , that's all I do at my village , so bored right ..? balik kamp0ng p0wn c0z my little br0ther cut her TOT..hahax..or lbih spesific lgi he's been sunat..hihi , plek kan ayat aq nie..

Balik je kuantan , my mom kte nk g salloon coz want 2 cut my hair , rimas la panjang2 nie , n one more thing , susah 4aq nk pkai tudung , n lpas g sall00n nnt g bli barang 4 ms0k hostel , bye bye , I have 2 leave my home for my benefits..huhu..

I think that my family will move at another house but still in Inderapura , coz I heard my dad said that we will move soon , I will miss my old house ='( ..N I can't wait to move into my new house..But I think it's only the plan , right ? I guess pr0bably not ..myb x pindah kowt ..huhu

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Assalamualaikum! Hello, anyeong chingu. My name is Farah. 13 this year. This blog welcomes people who are not rippers, haters and copycats.

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