Dreamy Diary!
Am I ReaDy , ?
Whether i'm prepared to enter the high school ? I don't want to coz I'm scared , u all know that if we're in high school , we'll be the smallest , am i right ? If we're in primary school , we are the oldest , right ? many pupil will respest us coz we're the oldest , but now we'll be respectful to the other older student than us from the high school , It is n0t fun like this , I have 2 be young again , s0b s0b , it's very very sad u know..huhu , !

I have 2 go to the hostels , if i don't want it , my mom forced me to , But I don't blame my mom coz she said that I have 2 live indepedently , that's right n I supp0rt my mom said , Moreover she told me , "don't live depends 2 the parents n the maid ! u need 2 be more independent, ok" , I juz agreed with it..

I agreed what my mom said , coz as l0ng as I live I juz depends on my parents n my maid ! I admit that i'm a lazy girl , all my work my maid yg tol0ng buat kan , coz I juz relax and watched tv every day at home..

When I returned from school, when I had come home, I put my bag in my room, and take food and eat while watching TV, isn't that lazy right ? After eating , I'm not going 2 take a bath but still watch tv , until my mom back home n scolded me coz I did't take a bath yet , and I quickly take a bath coz afraid that my mom scolded me again..After take a bath , I prefer Solat Zuhur before do my homework , huhu , after finished do my Solat , I do my homework while listening 2 the music , I think it's more fun when doing my homework as I listen to music , hihix , ni mse bfore upsr , but lpas upsr , it much different ..

In the evening,I prefer went out n playing football infront of my house with the other neighbour,usually I'm always be a goal keeper coz I'm a proffessional..hehe..when it was dusk,my dad call me n my other siblings 2 take a bath , after finished do my S0lat Maghrib,my dad send us to cik nor's house coz we mengaji kat situ..after mengaji,I prefer watching tv..that's my daily routine before the UPSR..

After UPSR,all the year 6 pupil felt free dorm..including me , when I'm back from school,I juz lie down on the bed n listening 2 the music,I lovekorean music..XD..everyday,I juz lie down n watch tv n listening 2 the music..that's all my routine after UPSR..

I Hope i found many frend in the high school n hope that they all were friendly n kind hearted~

P/c :sorilah , ade bm ade bi..maklumla aq ta sempurne kan..bi nie aq x rti sgt..juz sket jep..hihix

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Assalamualaikum! Hello, anyeong chingu. My name is Farah. 13 this year. This blog welcomes people who are not rippers, haters and copycats.

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